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Introduction to Fondant - Class Fee $125

Introduction to Fondant is a 4 hour class in which you will learn how to:

Make homemade fondant, cover a cake, using various tools create simple designs to decorate your cake, & you will learn how to make a fondant Rose. 

*Supplies to bring: a small 6" or 8" cake frosted on cake board, 2lb. bag of powder sugar, 10oz. bag of mini-marshmallows, & box to take cake home.

Introduction to Buttercream - Class Fee $125

Introduction to Buttercream is a 4 hour class in which you will learn how to:

Make homemade Buttercream, learn the stages of Buttercream, Fill & Frost cake, Practice piping techniques, fold a parchment bag & create the Buttercream Rose.

*Supplies to bring: 2 small unfrosted 6" or 8" cake layers on wax paper, 2lb. bag of powder sugar, 1 cup powdered coffee creamer (any flavor), cake board to put cake on for final presentation & box to take cake home.

Figure Modeling w/Gumpaste - Workshop Fee $125

Figure Modeling with Gumpaste is a 4 hours class in which you will learn how to:

Create various animals, shapes, people, fruits, nuts, & pine cones using modeling tools.

* Requirement: You must have taken Introduction to Fondant! 

** Supplies to bring: a batch of Marshmallow Fondant & box to carry home modeled figures. 

Royal Icing Run-In Techniques - Workshop Fee $125

Advanced Royal Icing Flood & Collars is a 4 hours class in which you will learn how to:

Create alphabetical & numerical  flood (Run-In) designs that will be able to stand up,  and Filigree designs that will stand on the edges of your cakes.

Supplies are Provided! 

Diva Heels & Designer Purses - Workshop Fee $150

Want to have a girls day or night out to create Diva Heels and Designer Purses? This is the best workshop to attend. We are able to set-up a private session of this workshop for groups larger than 4 people.

Come as you are because all Supplies are Provided!

We will spend time creating a life size Diva Heel in Gumpaste and a Mini Designer Purse to go with it. These are able to be used as Cake Toppers and or a display in your home. *Reminder sun light or too much light will cause the colors to fade, however, keep them clean and they will last forever or as long as you stand to look at them!  

Howdy Partner Baby Cowboy Boots & Hat - Workshop Fee $150

Do you love Cowboy Boots and hats? This is the workshop for you and your cow girl friends! We will gather together to spend time making baby size cowboy or girl boots and a cowboy or girl hat to match.

All supplies are provided!  

2-Day Peony/Magnolia Flowers - Fee $175

In this 2 day class you will have the pleasure of making two of the most beautiful sugar flowers you see on many wedding cakes.  

Day 1 - We will be creating the stamen for the magnolia, and all of the petals on wires. We will also roll out and cut a few leaves. Then as they dry over night we will put them together on day 2.

Day 2 - we will assemble the petals and finally the leaves to fully create the Peony and Magnolia.

Mini Tilted Cake - Workshop Fee $175

Learn just how cute and simple a small cake can be made. This class will consist of 3 bright colors of fondant to represent spring. Small cake, Brownies, and a baby cheese cake to stack using the tilted method. Then finally stack your covered creations on a bright colored plate and decorate your baby cake to your hearts content. 



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